About The Project

The Plan

Our plan is to open the helicopter as a fully functioning cafè located within an idyllic setting in the Scarborough area, with great views out of the cockpit seating area. The interior of the helicopter will be modern with detailed elements reminding you that you are sitting within a former search and rescue helicopter. All the original gauges and instruments will be installed so when sitting within the cockpit area, customers can see everything how it was when in operation.

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XZ589 History

From what I have found out already, XZ589 (E) - HAR.3 Westland Sea King was a serving Search and Rescue Helicopter based at RAF Leconfield. In 2007 XZ589 belongs to Boulmer based A flight of 202 Squadron whose badge is a Mallard duck with outspread wings.

As well as A Flight, 202 Squadron operate Sea King aircraft from RAF Lossiemouth (D Flight) and RAF Leconfield (E Flight) while St Mawgan headquartered 22 Squadron operates from Royal Marine Base Chivenor (A Flight), Wattisham Airfield (B Flight) and RAF Valley (C Flight). In each location Sea Kings operate in either pairs or trios

XZ589 has been flown several times by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. His very first active mission after joining the RAF was completed in XZ589!

Fancy a stay in a Sea King helicopter glamping pod?

Tech Specs

4th September 2020

The 17.01 metre, (55ft 10") long, 6,201kg Sea King HAR 3 was powered by two Rolls Royce Gnome gas-turbine engines, each rated at 1,660 shp ( and giving 1,389nm of thrust to its 18.9m - 62ft metre rotor span ) and is fitted with advanced all-weather search and navigation equipment, as well as autopilot and onboard computers to assist positioning and hovering at night or in bad weather.

In addition to four crew members the HAR3 can carry up to six stretchers, or 18 survivors. Under normal conditions expect the HAR3 to have an operational radius of approximately 448 kms (280 miles) a maximum altitude of 10 000 feet, endurance of 5 hours with maximum fuel loading and a cruising speed of 129 mph, rising to a maximum of 143 mph.

Fancy a stay in a Sea King helicopter glamping pod?

The Build

December 2020 - present!

Over the coming weeks I will be updating the social media as regularly as possible around my day job and other commitments. You can also keep updated on the Facebook page where I will be taking pictures and videos of the renovation of The Sea King Cafe (XZ589).

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